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The Most Effective Way to Treat Bed Bugs

We heat the entire space while moving furniture and personal belongings to ensure there is no cold spots for bed bugs to hide. 

Having a thorough heat treatment is why we are the best.

The goal is always to kill every single bed bug.

“Sleep Tight” Bed Bug Heater

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

It’s critical that we kill all of them in one go, no matter what stage of life they’re in — not just adults. Leaving even a single egg or pregnant female will start the infestation all over again.

A heat treatment is the best extermination method for bed bugs. It’s a safe, reliable, and eco-friendly method that does not use harmful chemicals and can be done within a single day. 

Our Heat Treatment Is Discreet

Our services are discreet. We do not tell neighbours and the public what we are doing. There are no logos or decals on our uniforms or vehicles. Additionally, the heaters we use stay inside the treatment space and out of sight.

Bed Bug K-9 Inspections

We are two owner operators along with a couple of professionally trained and certified beagles. 

Our K-9 inspection allows us to determine with a high degree of certainty whether or not there are bed bugs in your residential or commercial space. A K-9 inspection is for anyone who thinks they may have bed bugs but are unsure.

Why Choose A Heat Treatment?

A Heat treatment is the only method that can kill an entire bed bug infestation in one session.

A heat treatment is a non toxic alternative to using chemicals to eliminate bed bug infestations. It is also more effective.

There is abundant scientific evidence that bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving elevated ambient temperatures (above 122°F or 50°C). Heat treatments are the only way to ensure all stages of bed bug life (eggs, nymphs, and adults) have been killed in a single treatment.

A heat treatment uses industrial-sized heaters and convection fans to circulate the heat. The exterminator moves all items and furniture around the heat to make sure there are no cold spots. Heat sensors are used to monitor and measure the heat.

It’s important to hire a bed bug-specific heat professional to ensure success for this type of treatment. Do not rely on general pest control companies that do not specialize in bed bugs.

What About Re Infestation?

Upon discretion of our client, we apply a natural bio pesticides called Apprehend after the heat treatment. This is to prevent re infestation. Apprehend is a spray equipped with fungus in an oil base. The fungus sticks onto the bed bug and eats away at it. 

Apprehend is non toxic because it uses natural organisms instead of harmful chemical. It has residual effects for up to 3 months. A heat treatment with added Apprehend protection is the best practice in bed bug pest control. Even though Apprehend is very expensive to spray, we do not charge our clients extra.

Bed Bugs in Toronto

The current population of Metro Toronto is 6,313,000 in 2022. It’s no secret that Toronto has a history of bed bugs. It’s inevitable with this many people. Bed Bugs are given the name “travelling bug” because they are very good at latching onto clothes and personal belongings in the hopes to infest your home. Highly populated areas usually means more bed bug infestations. That is the reason why we positioned ourselves in the Greater Toronto Area.


There are many bed bug treatment methods being used within the industry. However, they do not have the same level of efficacy.

Heat Treatment vs. Other Methods

There are many bed bug treatment methods being used within the industry. However, they do not have the same level of effectiveness.

Below are some of the alternative methods for getting rid of bed bugs.

Chemical/ Spray Treatments
Chemical treatments are the most common treatment method carried out by pest control companies. However, this treatment does not guarantee the full elimination of bed bugs. It’s impossible to know whether or not you have hit every bed bug. Not only that, but bed bugs have progressively become more resilient to chemicals. If every bed bug is not killed, they will keep reproducing making this treatment method unsuccessful.

Spot Freezing
Spot freezing involves the use of cold temperatures to kill bed bugs. However, this may not be as effective as once thought. Bed bugs have freeze-intolerant strategies that allow them to survive a few days of exposure to temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C).

Steam is a sustainable method of removing bed bugs and doesn’t leave any harmful chemical residue! Additionally, the high temperatures of steam can kill bed bugs almost instantly. However, using this method can be challenging since the steam has to make direct contact with the bed bugs to effectively kill them. Bed bugs hide in areas the steam cannot reach. These methods are carried out in multiple sessions and the client is usually charged each time, making it more expensive than a heat treatment in the long run.

Exterminate Bed Bugs With Heat Here in Toronto

Bed bug heat treatments are a specific type of extermination method. It takes experience and skill to execute a successful heat treatment. It’s important for the exterminator to have knowledge of bed bug behaviour and all types of spaces to heat.

General pest control companies are not recommended because they kill all types of pests and generally do not specialize in bed bugs. There are a few bed bug-specific exterminators in Toronto that we would recommend before the general pest control companies. However, most of these bed bug companies hire hourly workers where we are two owner-operators. We charge less and produce a higher quality service than these larger pest control companies.

Our goal is to provide Toronto with an affordable bed bug heat treatment while providing the best quality. We do not logo or decal anything like these other heat treatment companies. We understand the importance of keeping your bed bug issue discreet.

Call Our Toronto Bed Bug Exterminator Today

Bed Bug Heat Relief is your trusted provider of residential and commercial bed bug extermination.

If you would like to find out more about our heat treatment process, or have questions about a bed bug infestation, feel free to call or email us anytime. We are knowledgeable about bed bug treatments, behaviours, and anything bed bug related. 

We understand how stressful having bed bugs can be, and that is why we are always here to help! Giving us a call will help shed some light on your bed bug situation so you can make the right decision.

If you need a bed bug exterminator near you, get in touch with Heat Relief. By giving us a call, you are one step closer to getting rid of your bed bug problem for good.

Residential Spaces

Single/multi level housing and town houses.

Commercial Spaces

University housing, hotels, motels, care homes, hospitals,  libraries, etc.


Any floor of condos or apartments.

Certified Scent Detection Dog

Our Beagles finds the bugs we can’t see.

Top of the line Equipment

Recirculating eco-friendly heat system. Completely safe with no residual toxins.

Best Prices Guaranteed

Owner Operators who will charge less for a better treatment than competitors.


Our vehicle is not branded and our heat system stays inside the area of treatment.

10+ Years of Experience

Professionally trained in all bed bug situations. We let our results speak for itself.

90 Day Guarantee

We are confident in our heat treatment method we guarantee it.

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