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Guaranteed Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Discreet Heat Treatment
Unmarked Vehicle, Equipment & Uniforms
100% Bed Bug Elimination
6 Month Guarantee
Eco Friendly & Non Toxic
No dangerous pesticides
Structural & Operational Licenses
Full Pest Control Liability Insurance

Bed Bug Heat Treatmnets

Bed bug heat treatments are the most effective bed bug removal method.

A safe, non-toxic alternative to bed bug chemical sprays.

Ambient temperature, furniture, floors and belongings are raised to 55-65 degrees Celsius. All stages of bed bugs die at 50 degrees.

Treated areas are monitored and adjusted to eliminate cold spots and places for bed bugs to survive.

Discreet Bed Bug Treatment

Unmarked sprinter van & no logo on uniforms.

No logos/decals on vehicles or uniforms.

All equipment is inside the home during the heat treatment. No large equipment or ducting outside.