How Much Does a Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

How Much Does A Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

Bed bugs are terrible pests that can infest a home and feast on your family—how much does it cost to tame these hostile invaders? There are few things more alarming for a homeowner than indications that there might be bed bugs present in the home. You might see the occasional adult bed bug in your bed or start to see little bites appearing on your skin. Most people don’t even know that they have bed bugs initially, but once you do know, it is necessary to take immediate action. Bed bugs can take over a space in the blink of an eye, and they are surprisingly difficult to remove from a property. In this article, we will discuss bed bug treatments in Toronto and find out how much does a bed bug exterminator cost?

Understanding Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are a truly terrible predator in the home. They are surprisingly resilient to chemical treatments that would easily eliminate other pests, and it is fairly common to need multiple treatments depending on the severity of the infestation. We only provide heat treatments as it is the only way to fully eliminate a bed bug infestation by heating the whole infected space to a minimum of 122 degrees fahrenheit or 50 degrees celsius. Bed bug extermination takes a high degree of skill, and there are a few things that homeowners will want to consider.

Do I Need an Exterminator for Bed Bugs?

When you suspect that you have bed bugs, your first call should always be to your local Toronto exterminator. Bed bugs are known to reproduce rather quickly, and they have surprisingly long lifespans as well. Ultimately, this means that they can take over your space without a second thought—and you do not want the infestation to get worse.

People often wonder if bed bugs are exaggerated by the media. The truth is that bed bugs do deserve the reputation that they have. These bugs can cover a space quickly, and they are known to spread at an alarming rate. Worse, since they are difficult to kill, they are even more likely to spread around. This is why people worry about potential hotel outbreaks, and you can rest assured that if you have bed bugs, you might very well be putting your neighbors at risk.

The bed bug threat is real, and that means that it is one that you really want to hand off to the professionals. Since it is fairly easy for the problem to get out of hand quickly, calling in an exterminator early on is very important. These professionals can get ahead of the bed bug threat before they truly take root in your home. Of course, if the problem is already big enough for you to notice, you will want to move quickly because it is likely much worse than you think.

Do All Exterminators Handle Bed Bugs?

Though most exterminators are prepared to take on the challenges that come with a variety of different kinds of pests, not all exterminators offer support for homes that are infested with bed bugs. It takes a fairly specific approach to take on the challenges that bed bugs offer, which is why some exterminators opt out of fighting this specific pest at all. In fact, a lot of the exterminators that do handle bed bugs are actually specialists who focus specifically on this threat. These are the only type of people you want to hire.

Before you ask an exterminator to come and check out your home, you will want to make sure that they treat bed bugs. K-9 inspections are the only way to accurately evaluate whether or not you have bed bugs. They are expert hiders and not easily seen by the human eye. Making it known that you suspect bed bugs is in your home is very important first step. Be sure to only hire a company that has a professional trained and certified K-9. The handler and dog must be certified together. It is a team effort.

What Does an Bed Bug Exterminator Do?

Exterminators offer their customers a variety of different services, but their biggest focus is on the extermination and removal of unwanted pests. An exterminator can target everything from small animals to bug infestations. However, it is important that bed bug exterminators specifically treat for bed bugs only. General pest control companies generally do not have the skill it takes to fully eliminate a bed bug infestation. Be weary of chemical spray treatments as they do not get into the cracks and crevices bed bugs hide. The issue usually persists because not all the bed bugs are hit with the spray and keep reproducing.


Types of Bed Bug Extermination

With bed bugs, there are two common approaches to extermination: chemical treatments and heat treatments. Each of these treatments can help to kill bed bugs and, in some cases, the eggs that they lay inside of your home. Chemical treatments can help mitigate an infestation but heat treatments are the only way to guarantee full elimination of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

It is a fairly common practice for exterminators to use chemical treatments to handle certain infestations. We do not believe in using these harmful chemicals with the residual being harmful. Chemical treatments also make it hard to completely eradicate an infestation. Multiple visits are needed which end up costing more in the long run. Bed bugs are also proving to be resistant to these chemical sprays over time. This approach is generally limited and can only help lessen a current infestation. This is one of the cheaper approaches to treating bed bugs, but it does come with its own degree of risks. 

Chemical treatments, while mildly effective, are limited. They generally do very little against eggs, which make it very hard to kill an entire bed bug infestation. Additionally, there is a lot of concern about living in a home with a dangerous chemical barrier, particularly for those who have children or pets.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Heat treatments are one of the more favored approaches to eliminating bed bugs because it is remarkably effective. This approach involves heating up a space over 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, bed bugs are killed almost immediately. More importantly, heat treatments are known to kill bed bugs at every stage of life, including eggs. The idea is to heat the entire infected space all at once allowing no chance for survival. This is possible by usings convection fans to circulate the heat along with heat sensors to monitor it. It is important to hire a heat treatment professional to move items around the heat to avoid any cold spots. This treatment method is extremely effective and has a very high success rate if done properly.

Not only do heat treatments kill all forms of bed bugs, but they can also reach them in areas where they would otherwise be protected. Bed bugs are very adept at hiding, and they are known to hide away in areas where they are very well-protected, like in dressers, bedding, or clothes. Heat treatments will find them wherever they are and eliminate them. Bed bugs like heat and come out of the fixtures when the temperature starts to rise. They typically end up being very active in the middle of the room before inevitably dying by the heat reaching lethal levels.

Heat treatments are considered one of the safer options. There aren’t any dangerous chemicals, but that does also mean that these treatments won’t offer protection against future outbreaks. Fortunately, only one heat treatment is generally needed, so it is also a very quick way to handle these pests. It is important to hire a heat treatment professional that offers a guarantee on the treatment. Nothing would be worse than paying for a heat treatment that doesn’t work without warranty.

Pricing Out Bed Bug Extermination

Exterminating bed bugs is a complicated business, and these services do come at a price. Homeowners often wonder what they should expect when it comes to bed bug removal fees. Given how problematic these pests are, it is an understandable concern.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Bed Bug Extermination?

Before we can discuss the prices associated with bed bug extermination, we must address the different factors that come with pricing out a job. As you might expect, prices can vary depending on who you choose to work with and what type of service you choose.

Property Size

The size of your property is a big consideration for the overall cost of a bed bugs treatment. A home that is twice the size of a traditional home will obviously have a much bigger bill to contend with. To understand how property size will impact your cost, we must consider what larger properties really mean. Property size determines just what goes into the actual extermination process. A larger property will need more heat for a longer period of time.

Type of Treatment

How much does a bed bug exterminator cost? This differs greatly depending on the treatment type. The actual type of treatment that you choose influences the price significantly. Depending on the area and the treatment type, you can find that your price grows quite a bit for some homes. In general, chemical treatments are considered to be the cheaper approach to treating bed bugs but we only offer heat treatments. We believe in the offering the full elimination of bed bugs, which chemical treatments cannot guarantee. We find a lot of clients who come to us for a heat treatment has tried multiple spray treatments that never solved the problem. Multiple visits end up costing more than a heat treatment in the long run.

Heat treatments are known to come at a higher price when tackling bed bugs because of the technology that is involved. It takes quite a bit of energy and technology to raise an entire property to such a high level of heat, particularly in a way that equally treats all parts of the home. For this reason, this approach to treating bed bugs requires a larger budget, particularly for bigger spaces. It is necessary to start with the approach to get it done right the first time.

Number of Visits

Though heat treatments are generally well-liked because of their ability to handle bed bugs in one simple trip, that isn’t the case for other kinds of treatments. It is common for chemical treatments to take multiple treatments which adds up in total cost. When you agree to work with an exterminator, remember that the cost is likely to go up if further treatments are needed. At Bed Bug Heat Relief we guarantee our heat treatments for 90 days.

Extent of the Best Bug Infestation

How much does a bed bug exterminator cost? We need to evaluate the extent of the infestation. Exterminators see infestations that would send most of us running for the hills. While this is an expected part of the job, the fact is that the extent of an infestation really matters for exterminators. A simple sign of a certain insect or pest can be wiped out quickly, but if you have a full infestation on your hands, things can change very quickly.

In a perfect world, all bed bug infestations would be caught before they become a larger problem—but this generally isn’t the case. By time the average person sees signs of bed bugs around the home, there is a very good chance that the infestation is much worse than what is being seen. Seeing the bed bugs or experiencing multiple bites generally means that they have already taken hold. When an infestation is severe, it is generally harder to treat. If a heat treatment is done right, this should not be an issue.

How much does a bed bug exterminator cost?

Pricing for bed bug infestations can have a wide range, but for residents in Toronto seeking chemical treatments, the cost can be anywhere from $350 to $750 a room. It is important to understand that this pricing comes per treatment, so you can expect to pay it again for this type of a treatment.

Heat treatments are more expensive and can cost well into the thousands when treating an entire home. Most expect to pay between $1500-4000 depending on how big the space is. There a lot of heat treatment companies that like to charge well over than what they should. Roughly $1 a square foot is a good price for a quality heat treatment.

Different Types Of Heat Treatment Methods

1. Exterior propane heaters with tubes running into the unit. These have a wide range of prices from $1500-4000

2. Recirculating propane heaters that are fully enclosed in the unit. These have a wide range of prices from $1500-4000. We offer this type of method and charge on the lower end as we usually don’t believe in charging 3000-4,000

3. Electric heaters that are less powerful that plug into the units power source. $1500-2500.

4. Exterior Diesel generators powering electric heaters are more powerful but are not discreet and are extremely noisy. $2500-4,000.

Expect a heat treatment to take the whole day.

The takeaway how much does a bed bug exterminator cost?

Toronto is a beautiful place, but it is still known to have the occasional bed bug outbreak. Whether you are seeing indications that bed bugs might be present, or you just received an email from the hotel you just stayed at, we are happy to help you to treat your home using a heat treatment so you can be free from these terrible pests. Bed bugs are an unpleasant development in any home, but they can be removed so you can keep your family safe. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. As you can see the cost of a bed bug treatment can vary. We will give you a custom quote for a heat treatment. https://bedbugheatrelief.ca/affordable-bed-bug-heat-treatment-toronto/

bed bug heat relief

bed bug heat relief

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