Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed Bug Origins

Bed Bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help. Where did these pests originally come from? Humans have been battling them for a very long time. Scientists have fossilized bugs that are more than 3,500 years old and experts believe that humans were first widely exposed to bed bugs by bats in the Middle East, as there was a time when bats and humans presumably occupied many of the same caves there. As humans evolved, bed bugs followed suit. This is because human blood is their primary food source.

Bed bugs are known as the travelling bug. They are attracted to the CO2 we emit and know if they latch onto us they can get into our beds and feed. Today, bed bugs occupy every continent except Antarctica (as far as we know). They typically hitch hike by latching onto our clothes and suitcases. Bed bugs can be hard to see because they like to hide in small tight spaces. There is a common perception that bed bugs are attracted to dirty, low income homes. This is due to the fact that not everyone has the money to eradicate these pests. Bed bugs do not care about cleanliness, just being able to feed off human blood.

How Are Bed Bugs Spread?

The typical ways bed bugs are spread are by people sleeping or staying in the same place over a short amount of time. Hotels, motels, and hostels are the most common way they are spread. These intelligent creatures know to act fast and create this plan to latch on in attempt to feed later on. The other most common way they spread is by travelers. They have no problem travelling on airplanes across multiple countries in attempt to find their new home. Once they found a place in your home it can be very problematic. They feed at night making them near impossible to spot because they hid throughout the day. Bed bugs reproduce very quickly making it a nightmare for most. An adult will lay around 250 eggs in their life cycle and they only take 6 to 10 days to hatch. It is important to know the sign and symptoms of a bed bug infestation to catch it early. You can find that under out “Bed Bug Info section on our website.

The Unpleasant Reality of Bed Bugs

Based on the nature of bed bugs, there is no sign of them going away. It is important to know what to do if you feel like you could have them. If you do not notice any of the signs and symptoms you still be in the beginning of a bed bug infestation. It is safe to have a professional K-9 and handler to determine whether or not you have them. Again, they are expert hiders and a lot of the time cannot be seen by the human eye. K-9s are trained to alert for the musty scent live bed bugs give off. A properly trained and certified dog has extremely high accuracy in deciding whether or not there they are present. Do not rely on a professional offering a visual inspection only. They do not have x-ray eyes and cannot see the tight spaces they live.

At Bed Bug Heat Relief we offer K-9 inspections and heat treatments if we find you do in fact have them. We only offer heat treatments as it is the only way to fully eliminate an infestation by heating the whole space all at once. Chemical treatments are very common but do not work very well because they do not hit all of them, especially when they are hiding in such tight spaces. Bed bugs are also proven to have ongoing resilience to these chemicals. We see a lot of clients who tried many unsuccessful spray treatments who come to us for a heat treatment. A lot of the time they spend more on multiple spray treatments than they would on a single heat treatment. We offer a guarantee on the treatment so you can feel at ease that your bed bug problem will come to an end. You can find us at https://bedbugheatrelief.ca/



bed bug heat relief

bed bug heat relief

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