The Emotional Impact Of Bed Bugs

The emotional impact of bed bugs

In some individuals, psychological sequelae resulting from bed bug biting events include nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance (to keep the bugs away), insomnia, anxiety, avoidance behaviors, and personal dysfunction. These symptoms are suggestive of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The emotional impact of bed bugs is no joke and should be treated accordingly.

As a bed bug extermination company, we see more distraught people dealing with bed bugs than anyone else. People are unlikely to admit they have bed bugs due to the negative stigma it has. We find meaning in our work by being able to exterminate these pests. Being able to solve a major issue in these people’s lives is why we do what we do. It is not uncommon for our clients to call us crying or in a rage of anger.

What is so bad about bed bugs?

Once bed bugs infest your home it can be hard to notice if they are even there. They are expert hiders and know to come out when it is safe to feed on our blood. They are attracted to our CO2 and know to come to our beds. These smart creatures know to hide away during the day when they cannot feed. They are so thin they hide in the tightest of spaces. Most of the time they cannot even be seen by the human eye. Dogs are trained to alert for the musty smell bed bug let off in order to find them in the first place.

Apart from finding them, they are incredibly difficult to exterminate. Chemical treatments are commonly practiced because it’s the easier treatment method to do. The problem with this is the spray can rarely kill every bed bug. Bed bugs hide in areas where the spary can’t them. The residual of the spray is not enough to kill the either. Chemical sprays can lessen the number of bed bugs but cannot eliminate an entire infestation. The most common bed bug treatment method cannot necessarily kill every bug. It’s not uncommon for exterminators to say “we tried our best we are sorry.” We know this because we get people who previously had chemical treatments asking us for a heat treatment.

Why use a heat treatment to kill bed bugs

It is not uncommon for someone to try other treatment methods before booking a heat treatment. The upfront cost scares a lot of people and hope the other treatments kill every bug. Unfortunately we see a lot of these people wanting a heat treatment to finally end the horror. It can be months or years in some peoples cases to rid their homes completely of bed bugs. The struggle of bed bugs is very real and traumatizing to certain individuals.

Heat treatments work by heating the entire unit to lethal levels allowing no bugs to escape. The heat actually draws the bed bug out of the structure as the temperature starts to rise. Getting bed bugs out of their hiding spots is one of the main reasons why heat treatments are so successful. It takes a skilled exterminator to work in the heat and move around all personal belongings to make sure there is no cold spots. A heat treatments requires heaters, fans to circulate the heat, and sensors to monitor the temperature. A confident exterminator would offer roughly a 90 day guarantee on the treatment. We recommend you hire a heat specific exterminator who does heat treatments every day. Be cautious of general pest control companies who do not specialise in bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very good at hiding away and sucking our blood at night. These are evolved intelligent creature who know what they are doing. Our goal is to educate people on what treatment options are available out there and what works. We are also happy to help with the emotional impact of bed bugs.

How to deal with the stress of bed bugs?

The worst thing about bed bugs is getting bit at night. If you cannot sleep at night we recommend you stay at someone else’s houses under the condition you don’t spread bed bugs. You can do this by putting all the clothes you are going to wear in the dryer, double bag it, and then put those clothes on when you are outside the treatment space. Throw the clothes that you were wearing back inside the infected space.The last thing you want to do is infect everyone else. If you can withstand the bed bugs feel free to keep sleeping in your own bed. While you may get bitten, bed bugs do not carry any harmful diseases. If you are feeling stress from bed bugs there is support out there. Working closely with a good exterminator is best way to help you with your bed bug problem. If they cannot offer the emotional support you need, a counselor would be your next best bet. For anything more severe we recommend talking to a medical professional. Feel free to contact https://bedbugheatrelief.ca/ for any questions or concerns you may have.

bed bug heat relief

bed bug heat relief

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