Why use heat to kill bed bugs?

Why use heat to kill bed bugs?

There are many different treatment options available for bed bugs. In fact, the most popular treatment option is chemical sprays. These are relatively easy to conduct and have been around for a long time. The exterminator can generally charge a premium for spraying bed bugs. The problem with these sprays is the fact that not every bed bug will get hit. They are expert hiders and can be in the tightest of spaces. It’s not uncommon for these pest to in the pages of a book. They are as thin as a credit card. The residual of these sprays are usually no enough to kill them either. There has also been extensive research that bed bugs develop resilience to these chemicals over time. Chemicals can help lessen the number of bed bugs but can rarely kill an entire infestation. That’s when we turn to heat treatments.

Heat Treatments

Let’s answer the question, “why use heat to kill bed bugs?” The goal of heat treatment is to heat the entire space to a minimum of 50 degrees celsius. Everything must be heated to ensure every bed bug is dead. This is accomplished by using fans to circulate the heat and sensors to monitor it. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and start to come out of their hiding spots when the temperature starts to rise. Just before lethal levels the bed bugs typically circle the center of the room and start to get confused. They drop almost simultaneously when the heat reaches 50 degrees celsius or 122 fahrenheit.

It’s important to have a bed bug heat treatment specific exterminator. It takes experience and skill to have a successful heat treatment. The exterminator must move personal belongings to ensure there is no cold spots for bed bugs to potentially hide. They must be able to work in the heat and be hands on in treatment. We do not recommend hiring general pest control companies offering bed bug treatments. It’s important to hire someone that does heat treatments every day. A typically guarantee is 3 months or 90 days. A confident exterminator will offer a warranty like this.

Can other treatment methods kill bed bugs?

Chemical and steam treatments can help lessen the number of bed bugs in an infestation but can be hard to eliminate it entirely. If the infestation is small and the infected space is clean with not a lot of personal items there is a higher chance of success. But remember, bed bugs hide in the tightest of spaces during the day and come out at night to feed. Chemicals will deter them from coming out and will prolong their hide. It takes months for a bed bug to die without a meal. Steam can help along the bed and other furniture. Both these treatment however cannot get into the tight space bed bugs hide. Heat treatments are so successful because they draw them out from the structure exposing them to lethal heat. Other treatments can reduce numbers and can is possibly eliminate an entire infestation if the situation is right. We wouldn’t bank on it and recommend using caution when going with these types of extermination methods. Multiple spray or steam treatments can costs more than getting just a single heat treatment.

Why use heat to kill bed bugs?

Heat treatments while initially more expensive, is worth it when your bed bug infestation is completely gone. They are extremely hard to exterminate and a guarantee will save you from having to spend more on multiple treatments. The safest treatment option is unfortunately the most expensive initially, but cheaper in the long run. It’s important to know this critical information before thinking other treatment methods will completely kill every bed bug. These critters can double in two short weeks, getting a timely heat treatment is the best way to solve all your bed bug problems. At Bed Bug Heat Relief, we find the bed bugs with a K-9 inspection and only exterminate with heat. https://bedbugheatrelief.ca/

bed bug heat relief

bed bug heat relief

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