How do I prepare for a heat treatment?


Preparation list for thermal remediation of your structure. Heat Relief will remediate your structure with heat and will bring the temperature in your structure to 60 C (140 F). Heat Relief wants to ensure a successful treatment is performed and requires delicate items to be removed. Lets answer the question, “How do I prepare for a heat treatment?”


Persons (must put on freshly laundered clothes which have been protected from bedbugs), animals, including fish in aquariums (cats and dogs must be combed morning of treatment), plants

  • Medicines and vitamins
  • Candles, wax items, crayons
  • Aerosol cans, combustible items, cigarette lighters, solvents
  • Photographs which are NOT behind glass or in an album
  • Perishable food, carbonated beverages, alcohol, food that melts
  • Valuable oil paintings, artwork Antique furniture, rare or exotic wood furnishings Any pornography or other obscene material


  • Computers & Electronics – Ensure they are unplugged
  • Briefcases & Backpacks


  • Drain Waterbeds – not doing so will prevent the frame from reaching lethal temperatures
  • Partially deflate air beds
  • Guitars and other sensitive items can be flash treated during the application – advise technician of these items.


How do I prepare for a heat treatment? To achieve lethal temperatures through every item and every surface Heat Relief will shift, turn, and upend items as necessary. Example: drawers, shelving and closest contents, if packed tightly we will place them on the floor so blowers can move the heat through the items.

Please consult a Heat Relief representative if you are unsure about an item that may be affected by our thermal remediation.

Unless instructed otherwise, Please do not stand up or move beds and bedding, or disturb other items in the space unless necessary to complete the preparation checklist.

Items that are being removed from the premises before application must be inspected for the pest being treated. If found infected by the pest that is being treated the items must be treated before entering back into the structure. If it is not treated, Heat Relief will not be able to guarantee its service in the structure.

To ensure we are able to penetrate into the structure, our technicians may need to move household items around. Heat Relief technicians will take the utmost care of your household items and surroundings during this process, but Heat Relief is not responsible for any damages that may occur during this process nor are they liable to clean the structure due to dirt and dust from disturbing the household items. We will place household items back as close as we can to their original location.

See list of items below that we may need to relocate to ensure heat penetration in the structure.

  • Stand up mattresses and box springs
  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Remove items from closets
  • Tip sofas, couches and remove cushions


Since we use fans to move heated air within the structure to ensure we have heat evenly displaced, please ensure that all loose papers, wall hangings and ornaments or any other lightweight items that can be moved by airflow are safely secured.

How do I prepare for a heat treatment? Day of treatment we suggest you have a fresh set of clothes that has been washed and free of the pest that is being treated for. Leave your dirty clothes on the bed and we will treat them during our application. Please inspect the items you take with you on the day of treatment as well as possible since the pests can be in the items you are leaving with. We recommend you throw the clothes you are going to wear in the dryer before leaving.

It is the client’s responsibility to notify Heat Relief of any fire sprinklers, heat sensors, alarm systems or any other items that may be adversely affected or damaged by heat.

Heat Relief may apply a rescheduling fee if the structure is delayed due to client’s negligence in preparing the structure to the above instructions.

Heat Relief assumes no liability for damage to the structure(s), faulty electrical systems, pipes and plumbing. We assume no responsibility for damage to household articles or items. We not responsible for cleaning the structure once the remediation is finished; the responsibility is on the client to clean the structure.

I/we have read, reviewed and fully understand and agree to provisions contained within this form. I/we agree to have Heat Relief thermal remediate our structure and understand the provisions within this form and agree to hold Heat Relief and any others involved in this project free and harmless of any liabilities associated with the project.

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bed bug heat relief

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