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Bed Bug Heat Relief

Bed bug infestations are one of the most stressful and difficult experiences people have to deal with and it all starts with red, itchy bites and small blood stain dots over their bed sheets. This is usually when the never-ending bad dream of trying to get rid of bed bugs begins. At this point, we would recommend you to go online and do your own research on bed bugs and the best extermination solutions. 

Most people will start by calling pest control companies and will, unfortunately, be sold on “cheap” chemical or steam treatments that almost never work and end up wasting their time and money. These types of treatments have such a low success rate because of the size and nature of bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely small, generally 2-7 millimetres in length and 2-5 millimetres in width. Bed bug eggs are even smaller, roughly 1 millimetre in diameter and look like a small white dot. The reason why chemical and steam treatments almost never work is that they require every single bed bug and egg to be directly hit with the steam fogger or chemical spray. Now imagine being the exterminator and having to visually find every single bug and egg that are smaller than a grain of rice. This would be an incredibly challenging feat even if all the bed bugs and eggs were exposed and out in the open. Unfortunately for you and the exterminator, bed bugs are extremely illusive and hide in the smallest cracks and hard-to-reach places making it basically impossible to directly hit every single one. In our years of experience exterminating bed bugs we have found that bed bugs will often hide in incredibly small and hard-to-reach places such as cracks in floorboards, seams, screw holes of furniture, and even in-between the pages of books. You may be asking yourself if chemical/steam treatments don’t work and if bed bugs are so hard to find and exterminate, is there any way to get rid of them? Luckily there is a bed bug extermination method that works and is the one that we have the expertise and take pride in. 

It’s the only bed bug extermination method we offer. This extermination method is known as a bed bug heat treatment. Bed bugs might be very illusive, hard to reach, and resistant to chemicals/pesticides, however, bed bugs’ one weakness is extreme heat. Bed bugs and their eggs can survive in very cold and hot temperatures, but if bed bugs are exposed to any temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit), they will die instantly. Bed bug heat treatments exploit bed bugs’ weakness to heat by raising the ambient temperature of the infested space above their lethal heat temperature. This is accomplished by using specialized heaters and high-powered fans to raise the temperature of the entire space all at once. Bed bug heat treatments work well because instead of having to find every last bed bug and their eggs in an infested area, the heat hits the entire area, including the hard-to-reach spots where the bed bugs could be hiding and instantly kills them. We have an exterminator move around furniture and personal belongings to eliminate any potential cold spots. 

Bed bugs are a lot more active in warmer temperatures and are attracted to Co2, which is one of the reasons why bed bugs are often found in our beds. Another huge advantage to bed bug heat treatments is that the heaters are used to raise the ambient temperature to emit Co2 while increasing the heat. This means that the heaters used in bed bug heat treatments not only make bed bugs more active because they are raising the temperature, but also attract the bed bugs with the Co2 they emit. The only way a bed bug heat treatment won’t work is if there are cold spots during the heat treatment. 

Bed bugs will actually try to find cold spots once they feel that the ambient temperature is getting close to lethal levels. This means that bed bug exterminators need to closely monitor the temperatures of the entire space that is being treated throughout the entire heat treatment and constantly look for cold spots. We stated earlier that bed bugs often hide in hard-to-reach areas like in the seams of furniture and cracks in floorboards. These hard-to-reach areas also happen to be common cold spots during bed bug heat treatments. During a bed bug heat treatment, bed bug exterminators should be continuously moving furniture, opening cabinets/drawers and turning over items such as clothes and cushions in the treated area. This is to penetrate all the possible cold spots that bed bugs could hide and survive in. Additional measures should also be taken in the case of a large bed bug infestation. 

Bed bug exterminators should take apart certain furniture such as bed frames and seal cracks in floorboards so that the bed bugs cannot crawl underneath floorboards where the heat cannot penetrate easily. During a bed bug heat treatment, the ambient temperature should be held at lethal levels for at least two hours to allow the floor, furniture and items in the space to reach the bed bug lethal levels as well. After reading this breakdown of how a bed bug heat treatment works and should be conducted, you might be thinking that it’s a lot more extensive and difficult than just throwing a few heaters into a bed bug-infested area. This is why you must find a professional bed bug exterminator that has lots of experience conducting bed bug heat treatments. They need to take every step and measure to ensure that your bed bug infestation is gone so that you can go back to your normal bed bug-free life.

Luckily for you, our dedicated owner/operator team here at Bed Bug Heat Relief has provided our clients with the best and most affordable bed bug heat treatments for over five years in the Greater Toronto Area. We have gotten rid of thousands of bed bug infestations within the Vancouver and Toronto area. Whether you have an apartment, home, or commercial space that has a bed bug infestation, we will have a bed bug heat treatment solution for you. We are so confident in our bed bug heat treatments that we even offer a three-month guarantee. This means that we will come back and heat treat your space again for free in the very unlikely case that you still have bed bugs after the first-bed bug heat treatment. If you have any more questions or would like to talk to us about your bed bug infestation you can call us anytime at (647) 205-6384. 

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