Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bed Bug Control Company

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bed Bug Control Company

With many pest control companies in Mississauga, selecting the right company can be difficult. Whether it’s your first time hiring a bed bug exterminator in Mississauga or you’ve done it before, having an idea of the essential questions to ask a pro bed bug exterminator will be helpful.

In this article, we’ve listed the questions you need to ask professional bed bug removal experts when choosing a prospective bed bug control company.

Why Hire a Bed Bug Control Company

Prevent health risks by relying on a professional bed bug exterminator
Prevent health risks by relying on a professional bed bug exterminator

Statistics show that 84% of homeowners encounter a pest problem. Even Mississauga was ranked 15 of the worst Canadian cities in terms of bed bug infestations, not just at home but in the workplace as well.

Bed bugs are pesky pests that are hard to spot and eliminate, especially if you don’t know much about the bed bug exterminator process. They can be spread by visitors, hotel stays, public transportation, employees, and workplace items.

They can disrupt one’s quality of life not only because they leave fecal stains and a musty odour. They also bite the skin, causing itchiness that results in red marks. This is why you must find effective ways to remove them; and what better way to do this than hiring one of the best bed bug exterminators in your local area? Here are the benefits of seeking professional bed bug extermination:

  • Effective and long-lasting results

You may be tempted to purchase DIY solutions, like pesticides. However, these will be hazardous to the occupants of the house or office. Bed bug experts are familiar with extermination methods, like bed bug heat treatment, so they will get you the best results.

  • Save money

At first, it may appear like hiring bed bug control specialists is expensive. However, in the long run, it is cheaper than DIY bed bug removal since it is effective on the first try.

Aside from potentially endangering yourself, your loved ones, or employees, you may mistakenly apply bed bug products, decreasing their efficacy. This will lead to you spending more than you originally planned. Using a DIY solution may also damage your furniture and may lead to an increase in bed bugs. 

  • Guaranteed safety

Experts are trained to use certain products and equipment. They will guarantee the safety of your property, pets, and other occupants. In addition, professionals have insurance to compensate you for any losses in case of an accident or mishap on your premises.  

  • Knowledge of the latest pest control techniques

Experts will also advise you on what to do before a bed bug exterminator comes into your house or workplace. With their training and knowledge, they can give you extra tips to prevent bed bugs from returning.

Essential Questions to Ask a Bed Bug Control Company

The best bed bug specialists use safe methods instead of toxic pest control products
The best bed bug specialists use safe methods instead of toxic pest control products

Before signing anything and working with a bed bug control expert, ask them the following questions to make sure they can handle your pest control problems efficiently:

  • How long have you been in the bed bug control industry?

An experienced pest control company may indicate that you can entrust the bug extermination to them. It is easy to determine whether customers trust a pest removal company based on their experience and length of service.

  • Is your company licensed and registered?

The right bed bug control company should keep up with local and state laws, regulations, and products in their industry. Make sure they are licensed and registered to ensure that they are qualified to perform any bed bug removal method.

The right bed bug control company will also have training in customer service, safe driving, and other essential aspects of their industry. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re trusting a reliable company to manage your bed bug issue.

  • Do you offer your services with liability insurance?

Licensed and qualified bed bug technicians should be able to answer this question with “yes”. Liability insurance functions as a safety net when a licensed professional conducts bed bug treatment. The right company will ensure their technicians have training and certification to use the products needed to treat your home or office. They should not hesitate to provide you with copies of these documents, even if you don’t ask.

  • What bed bug control method do you use?

You should consider hiring a company that conducts thorough bed bug inspections of your building before giving you an estimated cost. They should also explain their bed bug control methods to eliminate pests. The right company will provide accurate, honest answers, not overly exaggerated, filtered answers about their procedure.

  • How do you conduct your bed bug extermination?

A key characteristic of a bed bug control professional is their attention to detail when conducting their bed bug extermination procedure. They should consider vital elements, like what stage of life the bed bugs are in, to determine how severe the problem is. From there, they can take the proper course of action. No matter how long the process takes to eliminate bed bugs, a professional should guarantee effective and lasting results.

  • Are your treatments and products safe for house or office occupants and pets?

The pest control method they employ must be designed to be safe for humans, pets, and house or office furnishings. It’s imperative that you inform potential bed bug exterminators about any exotic pets you have. These include birds, snakes, hamsters, or other non-mammal pets. The right technician will explain their process and how they can ensure that you and your pets are safe during and after bed bug treatment. Moreover, they should inform you of any extra precautions you have to take.

  • Can you provide me with an upfront quote?

The right bed bug professionals are not unscrupulous when providing an estimated bed bug exterminator cost. For a hassle-free process, ask what you should prepare for a pre-treatment checklist.

Selecting a bed bug pest control company to manage your bed bug problems at home or in the office is a significant decision that requires time and effort. The professionals at Bed Bug Heat Relief will perform the job safely, efficiently, and effectively using trusted techniques and environmentally friendly products.

Our technicians are ready to help you with your bed bug problems. Call 647-205-6384 or email [email protected] to request a quote.

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