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Oakville is a prestigious suburban town in the Halton Region of the Greater Toronto Area. Residents enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this exclusive lakefront setting and further benefit from its close proximity to Toronto’s big city jobs and amenities. Oakville is proud of its rich heritage and history. There’s a common misperception that bed bugs are only found in dirty low income homes. We can say that is not the case. We’ve treated some very nice homes in the Oakville area for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

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Why Use Heat?

Heat treatments are a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals to eliminate bed bug infestations. There is abundant scientific evidence that bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving elevated ambient (above 122°F) temperatures. Heat treatments are the only way to ensure all stages of bed bug life (eggs, nymphs and adults) have been killed in a single treatment.

We Eliminate Bed Bugs With Heat In Oakville

The best way to ensure your home is bed bug-free is by utilizing our bed bug heat treatment. Heat treatments are a superior and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pesticide or chemical based pest control methods. There is an abundant amount of research that proves bed bugs are now resistant to chemicals commonly used to exterminate them. Using heat to kill bed bugs is the most effective method because of the fact that they’re made of protein, and heat breaks down their DNA proteins, killing them is the process. Our heat treatment works by raising the ambient heat to kill all stages of the bedbug life cycle in only one quick session. Other pest control methods often fail to eliminate bed bug eggs and larvae, which means that your infestation will only get worse once those eggs are hatched.

Heat treatments are also the best method for treating infested furniture and hard to treat areas such as baseboards and underneath large appliances. Conventional methods for exterminating bed bugs often damage or even make you throw out infested furniture. A heat treatment actually avoids this and can eliminate bed bugs from furniture without having to even move the furniture. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and actually come out of the areas they hide when the temperature starts to rise. This is why heat treatments are so successful.

Prepare Your Home For The Heat Treatment

Preparation is key to a successful heat treatment. You should avoid moving furniture and mattresses, as they could further spread the bed bugs.  If you have pets or plants you will need to remove them before the heat treatment. The treatment may also be too harsh for sensitive items, such as makeup or wax-based items. The best way to protect your belongings is to store them away from the area that will be treated. We will also give you a pre treatment checklist beforehand that will outline other common items that must be moved out of the affected area. You will be required to leave the house for at least 6 hours and can return to your home as soon as the treatment is complete. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to call us anytime, we are here to help!

Bed Bug Heat Relief

We Are Discreet Here In Oakville

There is an unfortunate stigma behind bed bugs and that’s why we understand the importance of being discreet.