Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Non Toxic Biological Bed Bug Control

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What Is Aprehend?

Aprehend® contains a special combination of oils, which enable the application of the Beauveria conidia (spores) to surfaces where they remain attached until encountered by a bed bug. 

Microscopic ‘seeds’ readily attach to the insect’s cuticle (skin). Once attached, the conidia germinate and penetrate directly through the cuticle to gain access to the insect’s blood system. Once there, the fungus grows inside the insect, using the blood as a food source. Very soon the insect becomes sick and dies from the fungal infection.

Aprehend infects an insect by direct contact and does not need to be eaten to initiate an infection. When a bed bug comes into contact, it carries the fungus on its body back to the harbourage. When an exposed bed bug comes into contact with another bed bug, the fungus transfers from one to the other. Since bed bugs live tightly together in harbourages, the fungal disease easily spreads in the population. This process is called auto-dissemination.

Direct spray contact is not necessary. Bed bugs of all life stages, sex, or feeding status are killed within four to ten days following short-term contact with a treated surface. As with all current bed bug control methods (except heat), it will take time to kill all the bed bugs in an infestation.  

The fungus remains dormant on the sprayed surface and will only germinate when it comes into contact with a bed bug. This is how Aprehend® remains effective for up to three months after application if undisturbed.