Guaranteed Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Barrie

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Are You Looking for a bed bug exterminator in Barrie?

Barrie is one of Ontario’s hot spots for bed bug infestations, which require professional help for safe and effective bed bug removal. Heat Relief is a bed bug company that specialize in bed bug removal. Our bed bug exterminators have years of experience with bed bug pest control and our proven bed bug treatment methods are extremely effective. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Barrie

Industry research has proven that bed bug heat treatments are by far the most effective way to eliminate an entire bed bug infestation. 

Conventional bed bug chemicals require direct contact with bedbugs to effectively kill them. Bed bugs almost always hide in very small, hard to reach places which makes it extremely difficult to kill every bed bug and their eggs with chemicals. This results in infestations repopulating, wasting more time and money for additional treatments.

Our heat treatments work because we raise the ambient temperature, furniture belongings, and floors to 52-65 degrees Celsius (all stages of bed bugs die at 50 degrees). During the heat treatment we thoroughly monitor the temperatures and move everything around in the heat so that there are no cold spots or areas for bed bugs to survive.

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray in Barrie

We offer another effective, more affordable bed bug treatment in Barrie, which is a Apprehend spray treatment. Aprehend is a residual non-toxic biopesticide that uses fungal spores to kill bed bugs when they come into contact with the spray. Aprehend takes roughly 6-10 days to start working and can be effective for up to 3 months.

If you need to save money on a bed bug treatment and are willing to wait for results, an Aprehend bed bug spray might be the right solution for you.

Why Trust Heat Relief for Your Bed Bug Pest Control in Barrie?

  • Professional & experienced team. Our team has a collective ten years’ experience effectively detecting and eliminating residential/commercial bed bug infestations in Barrie.
  • 6 Month Warranty, guaranteed heat treatments. We are extremely confident in the effectiveness of our bedbug heat treatments, and is why we offer a 6 month guarantee with our bed bug heat treatments in Barrie. Your satisfaction and the elimination of your entire bed bug infestation is our priority.
  • Discreet bed bug treatments. We understand that having bed bugs can be embarrassing. All of our equipment is completely inside your home during the heat treatment and all of our vehicles, equipment and uniforms are unbranded so you can keep your infestation private.
  • Best heat treatment equipment. Our specialized bed bug equipment has been engineered for bed bug removal and allows us to execute the most effective and efficient bed bug heat treatments in Barrie.
  • Single day bed bug treatment. Our bed bug heat treatments get rid of your entire bed bug infestation in only one day so you can get back to living normally as soon as possible.
Bed Bug Heat Relief

K9 Bed Bug Detection & Inspection in Barrie

Detecting a bed bug infestation can be hard even for professional exterminators. Research studies have shown that dogs trained specifically for bed bug detection greatly outperform human inspectors in accurately identifying bed bug infestations. 

Our K9’s have been trained and certified to detect bed bugs with an impressive 95% accuracy rate. Bed bug dog inspections are quick, affordable and will be free if we find bed bugs in your home and you continue to use us for bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

Our bed bug heat treatments start as low as $1300, however prices can vary depending on multiple factors. Please contact our Barrie bed bug exterminators for a free quote or consultation.

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray Cost

Our Aprehend bed bug treatments start at $500, however prices can vary depending of multiple factors. Please contact our Barrie bed bug exterminators for a free quote or consultation.