Bed Bug Heat Treatment In Georgetown

Georgetown Ontario, located 60 km from Toronto has a population of approximately 50,000. When we come to do a heat treatment in Georgetown the infestations have typically been severe. There are a couple areas that have a bad bed bug problem while the rest of Georgetown being moderate to low on the bed bug scale.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

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Why Use Heat?

Heat treatments are a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals to eliminate bed bug infestations. There is abundant scientific evidence that bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving elevated ambient (above 122°F) temperatures. Heat treatments are the only way to ensure all stages of bed bug life (eggs, nymphs and adults) have been killed in a single treatment.

Exterminate Bed Bugs With A Heat Treatment In Georgetown

Bed bug heat treatments are proven to be the best way to kill bed bugs. The proof comes from the fact that bed bug come out the their hiding spaces and get active when the heat starts to rise. Bed bugs are hard to kill because they are thin and hide in the tightest of spaces. The heat draws them out making it possible to kill every bed bug all at once. 

Conventional pest control methods for bed bugs such as chemical treatments have been proven to be ineffective and don’t eliminate all of the bed bugs in an infestation, which is critical. It is very unlikely to hit every bed bug with the spray. In fact there has been extensive research on how bed bug becoming resistant to chemical sprays over time. Heat treatments are also eco-friendly and work by raising the ambient temperature of the affected area to lethal levels for bed bugs. It eliminates bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle, unlike other extermination methods. Heat does not emit any dangerous toxins like chemical treatment so your family and pets stay safe.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With A One Session Heat Treatment In Georgetown

Before the heat treatment, you might be worried about some of the items that you think might not be able to withstand the high temperature. We will make you a personalized preparation package before the treatment to help you prepare your space for the treatment. It is important not to remove unsanitary items from the home. If you have an affected mattress, the best thing to do is to leave it where it is. Clothing can be put in the dryer and then double bagged to ensure they are bed bug free. This helps us so we don’t have to move around every piece of clothing in the heat to avoid any cold spots. Unlike other treatment methods you won’t have to get rid of your furniture or other personal items.

After the heat treatment, you should document any live bed bug sightings in the very unlikely chance there are remaining bed bugs. It’s also important to figure out where you might have gotten the bed bugs from. It makes it hard for the exterminator to offer warranty when you are re-infested your home that has already been cleared of bed bugs. Bed bugs can be anywhere you go and latch onto you. They are known as the traveling bug. It’s important to look out for other friends and family who might have bed bugs and need a heat treatment in Georgetown.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

We Are Discreet

There is an unfortunate stigma behind bed bugs and that’s why we understand the importance of being discreet.