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Thornhill is situated along the northern border of Toronto, centred on Yonge Street, and is also immediately south of the City of Richmond Hill. With a population of around 112,000, Thornhill is a small and peaceful place, ideal for families and people who seek a more relaxed environment. Living in Thornhill has a lot of advantages compared to living in its bigger neighbour Toronto. This area is growing very fast and is seeing an increase in bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

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Why Use Heat?

Heat treatments are a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals to eliminate bed bug infestations. There is abundant scientific evidence that bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving elevated ambient (above 122°F) temperatures. Heat treatments are the only way to ensure all stages of bed bug life (eggs, nymphs and adults) have been killed in a single treatment.

Exterminate Bed Bugs With Heat Here In Thornhill

Many people do not understand what a bed bug heat treatment is until they or someone they know run into the issue of having bed bugs. It’s good to know that you have two main treatment options to choose from. The most common is chemical spray treatments. The reason why it’s so common is because it’s an easy treatment for exterminators to execute while being able to ask for a premium price. Another reason is because heat treatments are relatively new compared to chemical. Regardless of which one is more popular there is key differences. 

A chemical treatment is usually in the form of a spray applied in the infected space. While this can lessen the number of bed bugs, it can rarely kill every bed bug. The reason for this is because bed bug are extremely thin and hide in the highest cracks and crevice. It makes it hard or the spray to hit every bed bug. Not only that, but there’s been ongoing research that suggest bed bug have ongoing resilience to these sprays over time. The residual from the spray is usually not enough to kill bed bugs either. This treatment is cheaper in the beginning but end up costs more than a single heat treatment by the number of visits.

The goal of a heat treatment is to heat the entire space to lethal levels to leave no bed bug alive. The reason why heat treatments are so successful is because bed bugs actually get more active in the heat and come out when it starts to rise.  Drawing them out is one of the main reasons heat treatments are so successful. This is the treatment that can eliminate every bed bug while not using any chemicals or pesticides. It’s important to hire a bed bug heat exterminator. This treatment takes experience and skill in different bed bug situations. We recommend you avoid general pest control companies that offer heat treatments. Never agree to a heat treatment without a guarantee. Nothing would be worse than paying for an expensive heat treatment only to find you still have bed bugs with no warranty. A typical warranty period is 3 months. This is the only treatment option we offer because it’s the only way to fully eliminate our clients distressed bed bug problem.

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The Toronto area can be pricey to hire for a bed bug exterminators. Especially for heat treatments. We are owner operators and consider ourselves small business so we have very competitive pricing. A lot of the large companies charge in the range of $3000-4000 for a standard two bedroom flat. We recommend you be cautious of this pricing and ask how their heat systems works. If they only do spot heating and use your own power this heat treatment probably isn’t good enough.  Check our ‘heat treatment’ page for more information on different heat systems a company may use.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

We Are Discreet Here In Thornhill

There is an unfortunate stigma behind bed bugs and that’s why we understand the importance of being discreet.