Bed Bug Pricing

How much does a bed bug exterminator cost?

Find our bed bug extermination costs below.

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Discreet Heat Treatment

Unmarked Vehicles & Uniforms

100% Bed Bug Elimination

6 Month Guarantee


Eco Friendly & Non Toxic

No dangerous Pesticides

Structural & Operational Pest Control Licenses

Full Liability Insurance

Factors That Influence Bed Bug Extermination Cost

Size Of Home

Based on square footage, number of floors, and bedrooms.


Larger infestations take longer, require more attention, and as a result are a higher cost.


The price starts to increase if you’re located outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

Packed Space

Clutter and overall cleanliness plays a factor in the price. Having lots of personal belongings requires us to do a lot more work moving each item. We cannot successfully perform a treatment with excessive clutter.


The type of access to your home can play a factor in the price.

Heat Treatment & Aprehend Pricing

These are estimated ranges of what our bed bug extermination services cost. Every job is quoted case by case based on the factors above.