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At Heat Relief, we locate the bed bugs with a K-9 inspection and then eradicate the infestation with a chemical-free heat treatment.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area

The Most Effective Way To Treat Bed Bugs In Ajax

Ajax Ontario has roughly 120,000 residents making it no surprise that there is a bed bug issue. The number of bed bugs specifically in this region dropped drastically during the covid lockdowns and is now back on the rise.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

Using heat is the bed bug solution with the highest success rate. Nothing is worse than paying for an exterminator who cannot fully eradicate an infestation without providing a guarantee. Bed bugs reproduce very fast and need to be taken out quickly and all at once.

It’s hard for chemical sprays to kill an entire infestation. In fact it’s quite unlikely because you are assuming that every bed bug has come in contact with the chemicals. Bed bugs are expert hiders so there’s a good chance many will be untouched. The residual from the chemicals are usually not enough to kill the bed bugs. In fact, there has been extensive research that they have a greater resilience to these chemicals over time. However this is not the case for heat. Bed bug die at a minimum temperature of 50 degrees celsius. This is across the board with no bed bugs recorded being able to withstand such heat. The cost of chemical treatments begins to add up more than a heat treatment due to requiring multiple visits, still without guarantee of full removal. 

A heat treatment is a one time operation that heats the whole infected space all at once leaving no bed bugs alive if done correctly. It’s important that the exterminator has the skill and experience to carry out a successful heat treatment. This is a specific type of treatment that is very niche and not recommended to be done by general pest control companies who treat all pests. Just have the experience on how bed bugs react in the heat takes time to understand. It’s important to raise the temperature slowly so they come out of hiding and become more active. If the heat is cranked all the way to lethal levels, they will want to hide and find a cold spot.

Even though heat treatments are a higher upfront cost, we guarantee the full elimination of bed bugs and in the long run costs less than other treatment methods that don’t work. If you are unsure whether or not you have bed bugs, our certified canine “Bella” is professionally trained to alert for live bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Relief

We pride ourselves as being owner operators of a two man team (four if you include our dogs). An owner will always answer the phone. We are also with you every step of the way from the K-9 inspection to the heat treatment.

Residential Spaces

Single/multi level housing and town houses.

Commercial Spaces

University housing, hotels, motels, care homes, hospitals,  libraries, etc.


Any floor of condos or apartments.

Certified Scent Detection Dog

Our Beagle Bella is certified by the World Dog Detection Organization. She finds the bugs we can’t see.

Top of the line Equipment

Recirculating eco-friendly heat system. Completely safe with no risiduel toxins.

Best Prices Guaranteed

Owner Operators who will charge less for a better treatment than competitors.


Our vehicle is not branded and our heat system stays inside the area of treatment.

5+ Years of Experience

Professionally trained in all bed bug situations. We let our results speak for itself.

90 Day Guarantee

We are confident in our method we guarantee it.

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