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At Heat Relief, we locate the bed bugs with a K-9 inspection and then eradicate the infestation with a chemical-free heat treatment.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area

The Most Effective Way To Treat Bed Bugs

There are many bed bug treatment methods being used within the industry. However, do they all work? Here’s some of the most common treatment methods.

  1. Chemical/ Spray treatments
  2. Heat treatments
  3. Spot Freezing
  4. Steaming

Chemical treatments are the most common treatment method carried out by pest control companies. However, this treatment does not guarantee the full elimination of bed bugs. It’s impossible to know whether or not you have hit every bed bug. Not only that, but bed bugs have progressively become more resilient to chemicals. If every bed bug is not killed, they will keep reproducing making this treatment method unsuccessful. These sprays are carried out in multiple sessions and the client is usually charged each time making it more expensive than a heat treatment in the long run. Even after multiple visits there is no guarantee of complete eradication of bed bugs. This is the same for spot freezing and steaming.

Heat Treatments are the only method that can kill an entire bed bug infestation in one shot. This is done by heating the entire space to lethal levels of over 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius. This is done by using industrial sized heaters and convection fans to circulate the heat. The exterminator moves all items and furniture around the heat to make sure there are no cold spots. Heat sensors are used to monitor and measure the heat. It’s important to hire a bed bug specific heat professional to ensure success for this type of treatment. Do not rely on general pest control companies who do not specialize with bed bugs. 

At Heat Relief we only treat bed bugs using heat. The only other service we offer is bed bug K-9 inspections to verify whether or not an infestation even exists. Bed bugs are expert hiders and it can be hard to tell whether or not they are even there. Our beagles are professionally trained and certified with the World Dog Detector Organization. Do not trust uncertified dogs and handlers. 

Bed Bug Heat Relief

We pride ourselves as being owner operators of a two man team (four if you include our dogs). An owner will always answer the phone. We are also with you every step of the way from the K-9 inspection to the heat treatment.

Residential Spaces

Single/multi level housing and town houses.

Commercial Spaces

University housing, hotels, motels, care homes, hospitals,  libraries, etc.


Any floor of condos or apartments.

Certified Scent Detection Dog

Our Beagle Bella is certified by the World Dog Detection Organization. She finds the bugs we can’t see.

Top of the line Equipment

Recirculating eco-friendly heat system. Completely safe with no risiduel toxins.

Best Prices Guaranteed

Owner Operators who will charge less for a better treatment than competitors.


Our vehicle is not branded and our heat system stays inside the area of treatment.

5+ Years of Experience

Professionally trained in all bed bug situations. We let our results speak for itself.

90 Day Guarantee

We are confident in our method we guarantee it.

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