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Why Use Dogs For Bed Bug Inspections?

Solely relying on visual inspections is not enough. Bed bugs are tiny and tend to hide in tight spaces such as outlets, floorboards, cracks/crevices, and underneath heavy furniture or appliances. This makes it difficult to see bed bugs visually with the human eye.

K9 Bed Bug Inspections are essential to finding bed bugs accurately. Our K-9s can detect bed bugs in these hard-to-reach spots with 95-97% accuracy. However, we pair this with a visual inspection for high-up spaces that the K-9 will not reach. 

Our dogs go through months of professional training where they learn to search and detect spaces for live bed bugs accurately. They have been trained by Seek & Find Experts (SAFE), who are nationally recognized for holding the highest industry standards in scent detection K9s.

How Does A K-9 Inspection Work?

Our K-9s have gone through extensive training and are motivated to search any space thoroughly. 

Once the scent is detected, they give us the signal by laying down on the infested area. They are then rewarded. It allows us to know which specific area is infested. We follow the “show me the bug” protocol to eliminate any false alerts. 

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