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Looking For A Bed Bug Exterminator In Markham?

Bed bug infestations have become a common problem in Markham the past decade and require professional help to be eliminated. Bed bug Heat Relief has years of experience with providing successful bed bug pest control in Markham.

Bed Bug Heat Relief is a company that specializes in heat treatments and Apprehend sprays for bed bug removal.

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Markham

A bed bug heat treatment is the most efficient and effective method for eliminating an entire bed bug infestation. Use heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs, instead of toxic chemicals that are not effective and detrimental to your health.

Heat treatments work by raising the temperature of your furniture, belongings, floors and ambient temperature to lethal levels. All stages of bed bugs die at 50 degrees Celsius. 

Our heat treatments get everything up to 52-65 degrees Celsius. Our bed bug exterminators will also be constantly monitoring the heat throughout the treated area and will move things around to ensure that there are no cold spots or places for bed bugs to survive.  

Why We Are The Best Bed Bug Exterminators In Markham

We aren’t satisfied until your bed bugs are gone. Here is just a few reasons you should trust us for your bed bug removal in Markham:

  • 6 Month warranty on bed bug heat treatments in Markham.
  • Free quote & consultation.
  • 10 years’ experience identifying & exterminating bed bug infestations.
  • Single day bed bug treatment
  • Discreet bed bug treatments in Markham

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray In Markham

Aprehend is the second most effective treatment method for bed bugs. Apprehend is a chemical free residual bio pesticide that kills bed bugs that come into contact with it. Apprehend uses fungal spores that take 6-10 days to kill bed bugs after contact. 

Our bed bug exterminators will apply Aprehend throughout your home on all furniture, baseboards and important areas to give the best results. This application will be effective for up to 3 months.

If you need a more affordable bed bug pest control method and are willing to wait for results, an Aprehend spray could be the right option for you.

K9 Bed Bug Detection in Markham

Bed bugs are very small and hard to find. You might have a hard time identifying a bed bug infestation and need professional examination. Our K9 bed bug detection services(link to K9 page) in Markham have an impressive 95% accuracy rate. 

Our canines have gone through specific training and recognized certification to detect bed bugs. They can detect if you have just one bed bug far better than any human exterminator. 

Heat Relief offers quick, and affordable K9 bed bug detection in Markham. K9 fees will even be waived if we detect bed bugs and you continue to use us for bed bug control.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

Our bed bug heat treatments start as low as $1300, however prices can vary depending on multiple factors. Please contact our bed bug exterminators for a free quote or consultation.

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray Cost

Our Aprehend bed bug treatments start at $500, however prices can vary depending of multiple factors. Please contact our Toronto bed bug exterminators for a free quote or consultation.