Guaranteed Bed Bug Heat Treatment in North York

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Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment North York

North York is one of the worst areas in Toronto for bed bugs. If you are looking for bed bug pest control in North York, Heat Relief provides the most effective and professional bed bug removal.

Your Local Bed Bug Heat Exterminator

A bed bug heat treatment is the most efficient and effective method for eliminating an entire bed bug infestation. Use heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs, instead of toxic chemicals that are not safe or effective.

Heat treatments kill bed bugs by raising the temperature of your furniture, belongings, floors and ambient temperature to 52-65 degrees Celsius. All stages of bed bugs die at 50 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature has been raised to lethal levels, our exterminators will monitor and adjust accordingly to eliminate cold spots or areas for bed bugs to survive.

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

An Aprehend bed bug treatment is another effective form of bed bug control and can eliminate an entire bed bug infestation if given time.

Aprehend is a chemical free residual biopesticide that kills bed bugs with fungal spores in 6-10 days once they come into contact with it. Our bed bug exterminators apply Aprehend throughout your home on all furniture, baseboards and important areas for the best results.

If a bed bug heat treatment is out of your budget and you are willing to wait for results, an Apprehend treatment in North York could be the right type of pest control for you.

What Makes Us The Best Bed Bug Company In North York

  • Heat Relief only specializes in bed bug pest control, we are a bed bug company.
  • Guaranteed bed bug treatment, our bed bug heat treatments in North York are guaranteed for 6 months. We will re-treat your home for free if you still have bed bugs.
  • Bed bug extermination in one day. Yes, just one day!
  • Discreet bed bug pest control. Don’t want anyone to know that you have bed bugs? All our vehicles, equipment and uniforms are unmarked. All equipment is inside your home during the heat treatment.
  • Experienced & professional team, Heat Relief has a combined 10 years’ experience in successfully identifying and exterminating bed bug infestations in North York.

K9 Bed Bug Detection & Inspection in North York

If you are getting bites and suspect you have bed bugs, contact us for canine bed bug detection.

Our K9s have been trained and certified to detect bed bugs with impressive accuracy. Research has proven dogs specifically trained to detect bed bugs outperform human exterminators in accurately identifying bed bug infestations.

Our K9 bed bug inspections in North York are accurate, quick, and affordable. If we detect that you have a bed bug infestation and you continue to use us for bed bug removal, the K9 inspection fee is waived.

Bed Bug Heat Relief