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Do You Need Professional Bed Bug Removal In Vaughan?

Bed bug infestations are increasingly troubling residents of Vaughan and tackling them effectively calls for professional intervention. Bed Bug Heat Relief boasts a wealth of experience in providing successful bed bug pest control in Vaughan.

Bed Bug Heat Relief is dedicated to the specialized use of heat treatments and Aprehend sprays to eliminate bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Vaughan

A bed bug heat treatment stands out as the most potent and reliable method to eradicate a full-blown bed bug invasion. This technique uses heat to destroy bed bugs and their eggs, offering a healthier alternative to harmful chemicals.

The process involves elevating the temperature of your furnishings, personal items, flooring, and the surrounding air to lethal thresholds. Bed bugs of all life stages succumb at 50 degrees Celsius.

Our approach raises temperatures to 55-65 degrees Celsius. Our bed bug experts meticulously monitor the heat in the treatment zone, repositioning objects as necessary to prevent any cool refuges that could harbor bed bugs.

Why We Are The Best Bed Bug Exterminators in Vaughan

We do not rest until we’re certain your bed bug issue is resolved. Here’s why you should trust us for your bed bug eradication in Vaughan:

  • 6-month warranty on bed bug heat treatments in Vaughan.
  • Complimentary quote & consultation.
  • Over a decade of expertise in detecting and exterminating bed bugs.
  • Comprehensive bed bug treatment completed in one day.
  • Non-intrusive bed bug solutions in Vaughan.

Apprehend Bed Bug Spray in Vaughan

As a secondary effective treatment, Aprehend is a non-toxic residual bio-pesticide that exterminates bed bugs upon contact. It employs fungal spores which eliminate bed bugs within 6-10 days post-contact.

Our technicians apply Aprehend across your residence, targeting furniture, skirting boards, and key areas to maximize effectiveness, with results lasting up to 3 months.

For a cost-effective bed bug control option that delivers results at a slower pace, consider the Apprehend spray treatment.

K9 Bed Bug Detection in Vaughan

Given their diminutive size, bed bugs can be elusive. If you’re struggling to pinpoint an infestation, our professional K9 bed bug detection service in Vaughan boasts a remarkable 95% accuracy rate.

Our canines are specially trained and certified in bed bug detection, surpassing human exterminators in locating even a single pest.

Heat Relief provides prompt and economical K9 bed bug detection in Vaughan, with the potential to waive the K9 service fee if bed bugs are found and you engage our control services.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

The starting price for our bed bug heat treatments is $1300, but this can vary based on several factors. For a precise estimate, please reach out to our bed bug specialists in Vaughan for a complimentary quote or consultation.

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray Cost

Starting at $500, the cost for our Aprehend treatments may fluctuate depending on various factors. For an accurate quote, please contact our bed bug professionals in Vaughan for a free consultation.