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Bed Bug Treatment Hamilton

Hamilton is one of Ontario’s hotspots for bed bugs and there is a huge need for bed bug control in Hamilton. Most pest control companies in Hamilton will offer chemical bed bug sprays. Chemical sprays need to directly hit bed bugs and their eggs for them to die. Bed bug exterminators typically miss a few that are hiding in cracks, crevices and hard to reach places making the treatment unsuccessful. 

Heat Relief offers two bed bug treatments in Hamilton; bed bug heat treatments and Apprehend bed bug sprays. We are extremely confident in our bed bug removal and have years of experience in providing successful, affordable bed bug pest control. 

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Hamilton

Not all bed bug treatments are equal, some are far better than others. The best type of treatment to get rid of a bed bug infestation in Hamilton is a bed bug heat treatment.

Heat treatments have been scientifically proven to be the most effective bed bug pest control method. Heat treatments kill all stages of bed bugs all at once because the ambient temperature and everything in the heated area is raised to temperatures lethal for bed bugs. This gives the best chance at eradicating an entire bed bug infestation because there are no areas bed bugs can hide and survive.   

Why We Are The Best Bed Bug Exterminators In Hamilton

We aren’t satisfied until your bed bugs are gone. Here is just a few reasons you should trust us as your bed bug exterminators in Hamilton:

  • 6 Month warranty on bed bug heat treatments in Hamilton.
  • Free quote & consultation.
  • 10 years’ experience identifying & exterminating bed bugs.
  • Single day bed bug treatment
  • Discreet bed bug treatment in Hamilton

Aprehend Bed Bug Spray Hamilton

The only effective bed bug spray is Aprehend. When bedbugs come into contact with Aprehend, fungal spores will slowly kill them in 6-10 days. Aprehend is a chemical free, residual spray that is effective for up to three months. Our bed bug exterminators apply Aprehend on all furniture, baseboards, and areas bed bugs will commonly come into contact with it. 

K9 Bed Bug Detection & Inspection in Hamilton

If you suspect you have bed bugs and are unable to identify an infestation in your home, contact us for a K9 inspection in Hamilton. Our trained and certified canines are proven to outperform human exterminators at accurately identifying bed bug infestations.

K9 bed bug inspections are quick, affordable and our K9s are 95% accurate even if you only have one bed bug. K9 inspection fees are waived if you have bed bugs and proceed with a Heat relief bed bug treatment in Hamilton.

Bed Bug Heat Relief